Judy Apps

TEDx Speaker, International coach – voice, public-speaking, NLP Trainer, author, inspirational speaker

Find your voice – in every sense! Combining the skills of a performing arts and business management background, Judy has spent many years unravelling the secrets of how great leaders inspire others, and now teaches these skills to people from all walks of life – from executives on the board of major international corporations to media people, politicians, and individuals just wanting to find the best of themselves. Her work emphasises the reconnection of mind and body – i.e. walking the talk – and ways of awakening the ability to move, energise and influence others.


Judy is a fully qualified Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation. She is also a qualified voice coach. Recent assignments include the coaching of directors in VW Financial, The Diamond Trading Company, EDF Energy, Schering Pharmaceutical, J P Morgan Equity Derivatives, Black & Veatch International, the European Federation of Arts and Heritage, East Thames Housing; Senior Managers in Glaxo Smith Klein, Herbert Smith International, Basileo Pharmaceutical and Mott MacDonald, plus executives of the European Parliament and Commission and NGO Directors in Brussels. Judy is a member of the International Coaching Federation.

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Judy as coach

“I never underestimate the power of the simple conversation to get to the root of an issue and then uncover the resources to make the changes needed. I have witnessed remarkable changes happen enough times in coaching to know that it is absolutely possible for you to accomplish extraordinary things. Through coaching, as well as achievement of immediate goals, you can expect more clarity, confidence, self belief, self and other awareness, and focused energy. Then you will do a superb job in whatever you want to achieve and find fulfilment in all areas of your life.
I am particularly skilled in the areas of voice, presentation and impact. I’ve helped many people perform with increased confidence and presence, and have frequently assisted people in gaining promotion and coached senior people for high impact events in both corporate and political arenas. My specialised subject is  communication in all its guises, as the bedrock of success in personal fulfilment and career success.
The most important factors in coaching you are the relationship of trust and the fact that you are a unique individual. I no longer believe in stock solutions. I have also learned that the serious business of coaching is most successful when there’s plenty of room for humour and creativity. If this is falls in with your expectations of coaching, Id be very pleased to meet you to discover if I’m the right coach for you.”


As a qualified NLP Trainer and member of the NLP University Global Trainers’ and Consultants’ Network she runs open training programmes in Inspirational Leadership, Coaching, Communication, Voice and Presentation, and NLP. She has designed and delivered workshops for many organisations including the Women’s Lobby to the European Parliament, The Cabinet Office, the Metropolitan Police senior officers, Tetrapak Sweden, training consultants of Impact International, Nirex, and Surrey University. Her training workshops are well-known for their energy, spark and deep learning – as the numerous enthusiastic testimonials show.

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Videos of Judy’s Courses

You can see short YouTube videos recorded by Pippbrook Productions at Judy’s recent “Voice of Influence” Workshop  at http://www.youtube.com/judyapps.


She is in demand as a speaker and has presented at NLP National Conferences for the past 5 years, the Academy of Executive Coaching, and at meetings and conferences up and down the UK. Her speech on presentation and body language for major PR agency Fishburn Hedges’ celebration of the first televised leaders’ debate before the 2010 Election was televised by NHK, Japan’s national broadcast station and included a personal interview with Sky TV.


Judy’s books are full of powerful tips for speaking and presenting effectively.  You can click through to them from the Home page or here:

Voice of Influence: How to Get People to Love to Listen to You, Crown House, 2009.

Butterflies and Sweaty Palms: 25 Sure-Fire Ways to Speak and Present with Confidence, Crown House, 2012

Voice and Speaking Skills For Dummies, Wiley 2012

The Art of Conversation, Capstone, 2014

She is the author of numerous articles and popular e-courses on voice, presentation and NLP. You can freely download the e-courses here.

Judy speaks about how she works

“When I work with someone I know that they are an incredible human being; I believe that they make sense and have the resources within to make the changes they want.  Change is most often a process of removing blocks rather than of adding new elements. I have become aware that the person with the most flexibility of behaviour is the one who holds the power in any interaction.  When you harness someone’s authentic energy and give them more internal choices both they and their organisation (team, group, family) also flourishes.

“Some important elements of my approach I have found elegantly summarised in the seven thinking processes explored by Michael Gelb in his book “How to Think Like  Leonardo Da Vinci”:

1. Curiosity (lightness)

2. Experience, (Deep learning through experience, not through talking about)

3. Sensory acuity (notice what you are getting)

4. Confusion (new learning often appears after a period of uncertainty)

5. Art/science (use whole brain, both logic and imagination)

6. Corporality (getting things in the muscle)

7. Systems thinking (recognising how things interconnect)

“The best teacher is life – if we are aware that we are enrolled in the experience!! – and both successes and failures play their part. I am constantly learning in coaching and training, constantly finding new solutions, new avenues, learning more about people and what they need to be successful. It brings together values that are important to me such as creativity, respect, intuition, and belief in the potential of others and myself.

“What have I learned? Firstly, the realisation that development starts with the self; that each of us is profoundly different; that different perspectives are key to understanding any system –  the strong position of standing in my own shoes, the position of empathy standing in someone else’s shoes and the neutral observer position which gives more sense of the whole. I have learned to trust my intuition. I have discovered that strength isn’t about rigidity or control and can even emerge from fear and vulnerability.

“I work most often with issues of leadership and communication, including dealing with conflict and difficult relationships, presentation, impact and voice.  I enjoy team coaching and developing a coaching capacity in others as well as one-to-one. The measure of success is usually obvious: through results, self perception and feedback from others. As well as the achievement of immediate goals the individual can expect more clarity, skills, confidence, self belief, self and other awareness, and focused energy.

“My fundamental purpose is to help someone become a more aware, effective, fulfilled, influential human being – to find their true voice. Then they will do a superb job wherever they turn their attention.”