Voice of Influence Workshop

7724040-1– How to communicate powerfully and be the best of yourself

with Judy Apps

Find your voice for public speaking, meetings, interviews,
sales and all leadership moments. Go beyond performance anxiety to inner confidence and powerful performance

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Some people light the room up when they speak.
They catch people’s interest and inspire them.
They influence people’s opinions, mood and motivation.
They seem at ease in a public forum…

“I headed up our annual seminar last week and am so thrilled that the techniques and inner beliefs that got consolidated from the Voice of Influence course were still with me. The balance has really shifted so that enjoyment/excitement outweighs anxiety now and I come across as more confident and relaxed. Can’t thank you enough for being that vehicle that really moved me through that change. Helen Bale, Corporate Health and Safety Manager, Kent County Council

“I learned more about the voice from Judy in 2 days than in the last 8 years from countless sources.” Jenny C, Director, Member of Toastmasters, London

Learn how to create a connection authentically with presence, influence and energy. This innovative, stimulating and highly enjoyable course presented by voice and presentation authority, Judy Apps, will transform your ability to connect with an audience. You will feel more yourself as a speaker and at the same time considerably more powerful.

“I found my voice! I felt like this course allowed me to look at me, rather than the technical side of making presentations. I can apply so much of this to all areas of my life. Thank you!” Juliet Wattebot O’Brian, Conflict Advisor, Dept. for International Development

Can you think of some public speaking scenario in which you don’t feel entirely effective or comfortable? Would you like to be more interesting as a communicator? Would you like to speak with more impact and have more control over your voice?  Perhaps for you getting up and speaking in front of any group can be a complete nightmare?

Learn how to tackle these situations with confidence in this fun-filled and highly practical course that takes the pressure off learning how to be your authentic self.

Your voice has more effect on other people than you might think

When you communicate with other people, how you use your voice makes a massive difference to how you come across and how much influence you have in a given situation. Successful people know this, and use their voices to catch attention, capture interest, and have people hanging on their every word.

“Excellent. Well structured, well presented, well facilitated. Some great practical advice and experience. Very powerful – inspiring and motivating. Judy – loved you!!” Chief Inspector, Metropolitan Police Service

The secrets of voice

The greatest speakers through history have found the way to move their listeners, using all parts of themselves – mind, heart and spirit – to reach all parts of their audience. Their power comes from a voice that is in contact with emotion and intellect, so that inner intention is transformed instantly into sound. The voice is vitally alive, and connects directly with the life in us, the listeners.

You can learn their secrets, and like them acquire the power to influence others through your voice.  Whatever your starting point, in this course, you’ll acquire the means to be a more engaging communicator. Not outside-in, with tips and tricks of behaviour, but inside-out, building in your voice, body and mind the presence, energy and focus to speak with engagement and passion. You’ll learn how to create a connection with your audience, – any audience – and how to influence others more powerfully. You’ll learn the art of being authentic – the very best of yourself.

That’s going to be useful in many contexts – not only formal presentations and seminars, but meetings, networking, one-to-ones with significant people, negotiating, interviews, private occasions, all those encounters where it’s important to you to come across really well, to be listened to and believed.

“I feel that the most important thing that I took away from your course was to enjoy being myself and to let that show through. You helped me connect to that – a really useful experience.” AB, Project Manager, Mind

What are you looking for?

  • Confidence to speak with assurance on any occasion?
  • More influence and impact? – to capture people’s attention?
  • More authority and gravitas? – to be taken seriously?
  • To inspire and motivate?
  • To sound more interesting?
  • To be more spontaneous – quicker on your feet?
  • To build empathy and connection?
  • To stop being held back by nerves or self-consciousness when you speak in public?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, this is probably the course for you.

What specifically will you learn ?

This innovative and highly practical course will show you how to:

  • Get your message across with impact
  • Use your voice both with power and subtlety
  • Maintain a powerful state of presence
  • Truly connect and engage with your audience
  • Come across with more weight and influence and be heard
  • Find your own authentic way to communicate
  • Speak so that others listen and heed your message
  • Be more spontaneous and quick on your feet
  • Speak with more life and interest
  • Greatly increase your confidence whenever you need to use your voice to influence

“It’s fabulous how these two days transformed my fear into real FUN! Can’t wait to do some more speaking.” Alex Smolonska

In these two days, you will learn about clarity of purpose and focus, how to turn performance anxiety into energy, how to use your voice to motivate and inspire, connect with your audience and speak with authority and passion. That and more!

These are two days that will really make a profound difference for you.

“The time flew by: the course was varied, really useful and fun. I came to understand a lot about myself and how I can make much better use of my voice to make an impression. And I am enjoying listening to, and appreciating where others are ‘coming from’.” Phil Hards, Management Consultant, Trainer and Coach.


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