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The Art of Communication

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Bring nuance, depth, and meaning to every conversation you have The Art of Communication is for anyone who senses that they could be communicating on a deeper level. Perhaps you are a confident communicator but suspect there may be more to the art of conversation that you have not yet been able to access. Or perhaps you feel that your conversations lack depth and meaning and that you’d like to enrich your relationships with others, if only you knew how.

Activate your whole mind — not just your intellect — to bring creativity and depth to communication Learn to be open-hearted, spontaneous, vulnerable, intuitive, and captivating in every conversation you hold

The Art of Conversation

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Conversation … Unlock the joys of connecting

Why is it some of us are stuck for words, but others blabber on? Why do we sometimes find ourselves stumbling, where others seem to converse so comfortably? Good conversational skills can transform every aspect of your world. The simplest conversation can hold a hidden thread of the most intimate and fulfilling connection…if you know the secret.

  • Learn simple methods for being heard and understood.
  • Overcome fear; find out how to break the silence and keep a conversation going
  • Explore different levels of communication – from the mysteries of everyday small talk to deeper heartfelt human connections.
  • Hold your own in tricky situations.  More …

Voice and Speaking Skills For Dummies

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Whether you′re looking to improve your speaking skills for work or personal gain––or both–– Voice and Speaking Skills For Dummies gives you everything you need to find your voice and communicate with confidence… More …

Butterflies and Sweaty Palms
– 25 Sure-Fire Ways to Speak and Present with Confidence

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How many times have you picked up a self-help book and thought, `It`s all very well but it won’t work for me`? This time it’s different – the book meets you where you are and helps you to overcome your fear and enjoy public speaking … More …

Voice of Influence
– How to Get People to Love to Listen to You

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Speak more powerfully and influentially. Communicate from the whole of you, and reach people at a deeper level. Find your true voice …  More …