Voice and Speaking Skills For Dummies

As with other ‘For Dummies’ books, this is a comprehensive guide to the subject, and user friendly – easy to dip into and move around to find answers to all your voice questions.

The book comes with accompanying CD, downloadable with the e-version.

“Find your voice, and communicate with confidence Ever wondered why nobody hears you in meetings, or wished people would take you more seriously? Or maybe you′re unhappy with your accent, or you feel insecure about your high–pitched or monotonous voice? Voice and Speaking Skills For Dummies will help you to discover the power of your voice, understand how it works, and use your voice like a professional whether in meetings, addressing an audience, or standing in front of a classroom. Take a deep breath, relax those vocal cords, and make your speech sparkle! We′re not all planning to become politicians, or likely to address large audiences on a regular basis, but we all need to be able to communicate well to achieve success. Certain professions require a high level of vocal confidence, notably teachers and business leaders. As well as using body language effectively, we also rely on our voice to convey passion, exude enthusiasm, and command attention––and that′s before we′ve considered the content of our words! A clear understanding of how your voice works, how to maximize its effectiveness, and ways to overcome voice ′gremlins′ such as speaking too fast, stuttering, or sounding childish, is pivotal to enabling you to succeed, whatever the situation. Highlights the importance of your voice, explains how to use it effectively Gives you confidence in public speaking Helps you use your voice to make a great first impression in all aspects of your life Includes a CD with vocal exercises to help you communicate with confidence. Whether you′re looking to improve your speaking skills for work or personal gain––or both–– Voice and Speaking Skills For Dummies gives you everything you need to find your voice and communicate with confidence.”

Covers everything you need to know plus stuff you would never have thought of that will help you achieve more than you ever believed possible. Judy’s mind-body approach to voice and speaking skills underlies the theory, which is well written and well explained. Judy’s enthusiasm for her subject combined with a great ability to teach and share her knowledge make this a book that everyone should have if they want to improve their personal impact, communication and presentation skills. Celia Morris


Judy is a magician when it comes to voice speaking skills. Having been on Judy’s ‘Voice of Influence’ speaking coures in 2008, I was was able to add a new dimension to my speaking. This brilliant book adds vital insights to the importance of our speaking voice and ways in which we can enhance it. Although this book is for speakers of any ability, as an past President of Oxford Speakers Club, current Club Mentor Master and Distinguished Toastmaster, I will be using Judy’s teaching to take both my own and our speaking club members’ speaking skills to the ‘next level’. If you wish to connect with people, have more influence and get ahead in your both career and private life, this book is a must. Paul Overton

Judy Apps’s latest, Voice & Speaking Skills for Dummies, brings together a wealth of information and insight on speaking technique. Despite the title, it’s written with intelligence and wit – and it provides a comprehensive overview of essential information for speakers and presenters – whatever their degree of experience. The book provides brief, relevant and useful guidance for using your voice more effectively in a wide range of situations. While there are many titles in this category, this is the first I’ve seen that brings together so many different ideas in such a quick and easy to use format. D.A.Thompson