Voice of Influence

– How to Get People to Love to Listen to You

Published by Crown House Publishing

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My first book – and maybe still the one closest to me …

“Speak more powerfully and influentially Communicate from the whole of you, and reach people at a deeper level Find your true voice rather than just speaking with expression. Understand other people better through the sound of their voice This inspiring book shows you how to awaken the energy of your authentic voice to speak from head, heart, gut and soul.

Bringing together knowledge from voice training, NLP, Aikido, Alexander Technique, Bioenergetics, Feldenkrais and other mind-body work, Voice of Influence gives you the means to reach people at a deeper level where you’ll motivate and inspire. Through this journey of discovery, you will literally find your own voice in all senses of the phrase.”

….a fascinating mind-body approach to finding your authentic voice and expressing yourself with integrity, presence and passion. –Judith Lowe, NLP Trainer, PPD Learning Ltd The “blurb” promises a lot but I can assure the reader that the book delivers exactly what it says “on the tin”. Judy’s work is worthy of the greatest attention. Just love it! R. Steele
As a Life Coach I’ve really enjoyed going to the workshops of Judy Apps in London. And when I heard she wrote a book, I ordered it on Amazon before it was even officially out. I love Judy’s writing style, it’s easy and fun with lots of examples and practical day to day advice. For me, all the chapters about skills from NLP to improve my presenting style have been very useful. I use it all the time now in my workshops with clients. And I also find her tools very useful for confidence building with my clients. I highly recommend this book. Augusto
This is a FAB book. From the minute I flicked through the pages, I knew that I was thoroughly going to enjoy it – and I did. I read it in super fast time, and am now dipping back into it working through the exercises. It is well laid out with exceptional clarity and thus is highly readable. The exercises are fun and simple to do, and I found them very uplifting and also quite playful, which was nice. Jadatoady
Now published in Chinese, Russian, Serbian, Croatian and Polish.