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Well,  I got the job and you are a genius .. thank you so much for your help. I really enjoyed the interview and the presentation went well. I had good feedback and reportedly was  ‘a star’ so thank you again.  Assistant Director, Adult Services, Hampshire County Council

Coaching works !

Coaching offers you the opportunity to make significant changes in important parts of your life with one-to-one focus and attention. This can be a very practical and effective way to grow into the kind of person and the sort of roles you can maybe only imagine now.

The one-to-one approach enables you to develop exactly the areas that will be most meaningful and impactful to you.

See more about Judy’s approach to coaching here.

Coaching Testimonials

Coaching sessions can include any of the following:

Leadership and Communication Coaching

Walk your talk, influence your team and beyond, be recognised as a natural leader, act with self-belief, create an impact. Connect easily with people, negotiate successfully, understand where others are coming from, deal with difficult situations smoothly.

Voice and Presentation Coaching

Use your voice with meaning, determination and passion, be heard in meetings, sound more interesting, engaging, authoritative. Be taken seriously.  Speak with more authority and passion, influence and inspire people, deal masterfully with groups, engage with ease and spontaneity, create a powerful impact. For presentations, speeches, voice-overs, interviews.

NLP Coaching

NLP has much to offer in terms of successful communication skills and particularly in the area of self belief. NLP techniques enable you to overcome old strategies, beliefs and behaviours that simply don’t serve you any more, and move towards more choice and increased confidence in all areas of your life.

One-to-one coaching series

Enrol for a series of sessions of coaching (e.g. 5-6) to concentrate on particular aspects of leadership and communication: e.g. voice, presentation, connection, dealing with potential conflict.

Coaching works well if you undertake a set number of sessions to give the series direction. You can of course adjust the arrangement as you go, or cancel at any time.

‘Special Event’ One-off coaching sessions

Book a session to work on a particular event, presentation or speech, to focus entirely on delivery and impact, or to include design and preparation. This is a popular option for senior people in corporations wanting to achieve particular outcomes in limited time.

Skype Coaching

Wherever you live in the world, effective coaching can come to you via telephone or Skype. Contact Judy if you would like to know more.

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Booking info

One-to-one coaching series

Contact me on, call judyapps on Skype, or phone  +44 (0)7725 076 820 for a relaxed initial discussion.

Special Event one-off coaching sessions

A session to work on a particular event, presentation or speech. Usual venue: Dorking, Surrey. Contact Judy on, call judyapps on Skype, or phone her on mobile +44 (0)7725 076 820 to discuss your requirements.

Combined Coaching and Workshop package

If you combine voice coaching with the open workshop in London, “Voice of Influence”, you have a powerful combined package for increasing your authority and impact. The workshop takes place several times a year in London with very limited places. We offer a special price for this combined package.

Ask Judy at for further details.

What to do next

For a free consultation or to find out more:

Call me on : –

+44 (0)7725 076 820

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We offer generous discounts for Charities, and can help with funding if you are self-funding and in particular personal circumstances. Call me on +44 (0)7725 076 820 to find out more.

There are also various external sources of funding. For example, your local Learning and Skills Council often has resources for training. These are continually changing as Governmental, European and other streams of funding become available, so it pays to enquire to see what’s available. Some funding is for directors or employees of companies and some for individuals. Some require matching funding, and some not.