2-Day Open Workshops in London

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Voice of Influence

An excellent two days which engaged from start to finish, delivered by an outstanding trainer. Go on this course it could change your life and it will change your voice. Joe McGrath, Management Development Manager, Toyota UK.

Find your voice for public speaking, meetings, interviews, sales and all leadership moments.  Go beyond presentation skills to presence, influence, energy and connection. This innovative, stimulating and highly enjoyable course will transform your ability to connect with an audience. If you’ve done a presentation skills course before you will find this is different and profound … More …

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Diploma in NLP

“Judy’s a quietly inspiring and highly skilled trainer, who exemplifies her own training – she is what she teaches. Her courses deliver much more than just helpful techniques for the workplace: they have a subtle, liberating effect on the individual. As one recent participant put it, ‘I’ve done plenty of courses for the company. This one’s for me, too.’” Richard Griffiths, Company Owner and coach

A programme of three 2-day workshops in London on leadership and personal effectiveness. The Diploma has been carefully planned to give participants the best, most current and practically useful elements of NLP. Each workshop can be taken independently. These are workshops that will challenge you and change your expectations about what you are able to achieve. More…

Workshop1: Communication and Relationships

Powerful workshop to learn how to get the best from yourself and others and develop relationships at work and out of work. I thought the workshop was very well put together; it flowed smoothly and Judy facilitated this process extremely well. Martin Johnson, Director, 80/20 Challenge

After this workshop you’ll know yourself better, understand more clearly what makes others tick, and be considerably more confident in all situations that rely on good communication. More …
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Workshop 2: Leadership and Influence

What passion and life you breathe into your training Judy.. I loved the course, and I’m looking forward to the next one.  Karen Moxom, Director of ANLP International

How to walk your talk and lead so that others want to belong. How you are as a leader is just as important as what you do.  More…

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Workshop 3: Coaching and Change

I discovered more subtle techniques that are comfortable and will sit well with a coachee. I also learned more about me! Judy is very eloquent and has an excellent style of delivery. Do definitely attend! Khafayah Abdulsalam, Payroll Consultant, UMUKG

How to get the best from others. This is a workshop not just about your ability to coach others, but about how, through coaching others your own stature and confidence mature. More…

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