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Judy’s a quietly inspiring and highly skilled trainer, who exemplifies her own training – she is what she teaches. Her courses deliver much more than just helpful techniques for the workplace: they have a subtle, liberating effect on the individual. As one recent participant put it, ‘I’ve done plenty of courses for the company. This one’s for me, too.’

Richard Griffiths, Company Owner and coach

WOW! Pay What you Can …


To widen access, I shall be running the NLP Diploma again this autumn as a Pay What You Can course. The only required up-front payment is £24 per day booking charge (£48 for each module) to secure your place on that module and pay your share of basic venue and admin costs. After that, you are gently  invited to contribute – anonymously into the funding box or how you will – whatever sum you decide to pay for your coaching and learning experience. We suggest that a minimum of £50 additional contribution per module would be an appropriate amount, but it is up to you.

If you are making a company booking and would find it more straightforward to pay the normal previous rate of £850 for the 6-day course, either pay online or I will invoice you as normal. Or get in touch if you wish to discuss payment.

How to choose

Choosing NLP training is a bit of a minefield; it can be hard to steer your way through the options if you want to embark on a course. Before you decide have a look at my Guide to Choosing an NLP Practitioner Course. It has been widely praised for its impartiality and usefulness by some of the best-known people in NLP today.

What a great service to the field. Judith Delozier, NLP Pioneer and Author,

This is the most comprehensive guide to the criteria that truly make the difference that I have ever seen. I recommend it. Sue Knight, Author of NLP at Work,

Let me add my name to the list of people to be really impressed by the extremely comprehensive guide you have produced! Karen Moxom, ANLP & Rapport Magazine,

So why the Diploma?

During the several years that I ran NLP Practitioner courses I was always aware that the time and costs of the traditional 120 contact hours of training put the experience outside the realms of possibility for many people. In the Guide to Choosing an NLP Practitioner Course I made it clear that many of the “accelerated” trainings with only 6-7 days or so of  contact hours – making up the 120 hours of the ‘full training’ with lots of pre-study to be done at home – did not really match up to the longer trainings. Yet I wanted people to have a valuable experience of NLP. Looking beyond the Practitioner a lot of the courses around that called themselves “NLP Diplomas” were in fact just short taster courses in NLP designed to attract people into committing to further training with a company.

So the challenge was – how to give people an excellent experience of NLP within a shorter timescale without sacrificing the depth that NLP offers and the invaluable experiential learning of the best training.

A Diploma which offers something unique.

The result was this NLP Diploma! I have applied all the resources of working with NLP for many years to distil the ideas and processes into a connected series of experiences which will make a real difference to your work and life. The Diploma offers participants the best, the most current and practically useful elements of NLP. On completion of the full course you will be awarded a Diploma in NLP Certificate.

The course is designed as three 2-day workshops which run over about 3 months. Each workshop has a theme which gives a particular context to the NLP material. The workshops can also be taken independently by anyone wishing to learn about that theme. The time-scale offers you the opportunity to try out your learning from one workshop before embarking on the next.

The three workshops are:

Communication and Relationships

Leadership and Influence

Coaching and Change

The ‘father of coaching’ Tim Gallwey once said that the very best learning seminar is 24 hours of human existence – provided that you are enrolled in the process. He explained that everything that happens is perfectly directed to teach you what you need to learn – but you need to know how to be in learning mode! This training will prepare you to become an avid learner from life. This will be valuable for the course … and invaluable in your life.

If you wish to make the most of the complete Diploma training I can recommend the study assignment of keeping your SOL (Seminar of Life) Journal. This assignment to be presented to me by the end of the course will include brief case studies with observations and reflections from your practical applications of the material in your life. After attendance at the six days’ training and upon satisfactory submission of your SOL Journal, you will be awarded the NLP Diploma Certificate.

If you have any questions about the course you are very welcome to contact me personally at or 01306 886114.  I want you to have a learning experience which best suits your needs and aspirations.

Just great! I learned a lot of practical tools to apply in the coaching sessions with my clients. Experiencing them myself gave me insights in my own journey and will help me supporting others on their path. I find Judy standing there and training from her heart and soul. You can see she loves doing this and that energy is contagious and makes the time fly.  Karin Peeters, Vitalis Coaching

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And following the Diploma become an NLP Practitioner

Upon completion of our NLP Diploma you can go on to gain an NLP Practitioner Certificate with me. This is an excellent choice if you do not have the time or resources for a 21 day programme – go to California and study at NLPU with Robert Dilts and Judith DeLosier if you do! – but it requires considerable commitment in terms of practice and awareness in your life to support your study.

If you take our Practitioner option there are four further stages to work through upon completion of the NLP Diploma:

  1. 3 additional days of small-group coaching to complete NLP level processes and concepts and to further develop your exploration and coaching skills to Practitioner Level.
  2. The SOL (Seminar of Life) Journal Assignment, an essential practical element of the Practitioner, including case studies, observations and reflections from your practical applications of the material in your own life.
  3. A coaching session to review the SOL Journal and general understanding.
  4. Supplementary reading from different NLP developers to underpin and broaden the range of your practical learning.

Have a look at my free “Guide to Choosing Practitioner Training”

This unbiased Guide comes highly recommended and endorsed by the ANLP – the British Association of NLP – and some of the foremost NLP trainers. It’s available to download either from the ANLP or from the Voice of Influence website. It guides you safely through the minefield of unregulated NLP training and gives you a sound idea of what to look for when choosing a course. Apply these principles to your search for any NLP training programme and you won’t go far wrong!

Do get in touch with me if you want to know more. I’m always pleased to advise you and talk through the options to find what will best suit you. This is certainly a step worth taking. If you choose the Voice of Influence route, well that’s great and I look forward to meeting you; what’s important is to find the right solution for you.