Coaching & Change Workshop

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“Treat people as if they were
what they ought to be, and
you help them become what
they are capable of.” 

Joseph Wolfgang Von Goethe

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What will you learn?

This workshop will significantly increase your confidence and skill in formal and informal coaching. Discover how to go for the best, and how to get the best out of others, whether individuals or teams. You will learn how to lead others by coaching and modelling excellence whether in the workplace, outside or at home. Becoming a skilled coach of others is an important part of your own personal development, and you will find your effectiveness and creativity blossom as you help people step into their true potential.

It will contribute significantly to your ability to lead and motivate others to move towards good outcomes and to find the way when they are stuck. You will have the skill to tune into others with flexibility and to manage changes with flexibility. You will have a more tuned instinct to know how best connect with others who are very different from yourself. You will gain the skills to coach people on different levels including beliefs. Your focus with be on getting the best out of others and on using simple conversations to create change.

When you know how to coach, mentor and get the best from individuals and teams, your business success grows substantially and your job becomes more rewarding. This is a workshop not just about your ability to coach others, but how through coaching others, your own stature and confidence mature.

  • Using the questioning skills of coaching you engender change through simple conversations with people.
  • You get underneath the surface of appearances to a better understanding of people and systems.
  • You engender a mutual sense of respect that is rewarding and productive for everyone.
  • Your people grow and you are able to trust them to greater responsibilities.
  • Your team pulls together and its achievements turn out to be much greater than the sum of individual efforts.
  • You are able to give feedback in a way that allows the other person to take it on board without resistance.
  • People’s talents are fully used, so workers feel fulfilled.
  • Projects are achieved in good time with excellent results.
  • You acquire tools for removing personal blocks to success and helping others to do the same.
  • You create a coaching culture where people support each other, all activities are sources of learning, and performance improves with good will rather than coercion.
  • You build a sure sense of intuition.
  • You acquire a more accurate sense of your own personal strengths and qualities.

The Coaching and Teamwork workshop includes:

Building the tools of excellent coaching.

–        The ability to create comfortable connections with people.

–        The capacity to work with focus towards goals.

–        The ability to ask powerful questions.

–        Effective models for coaching.

–        The ability to bring out more of people’s creativity and potential.

–        The ability to build and nurture confidence, trust and commitment.

Creating a culture that supports innovation and high performance.

–        The ability to work with others flexibly so that you get the best out of them.

–        The ability to use everyone’s gifts and learn from each other.

–        The ability to act as catalyst to deliver improved performance at all levels.

Working with difference.

–        The ability to motivate people who are very different from each other.

–        The ability to respond flexibly to rapidly changing situations and opportunities.

–        The ability to inspire your team to work together and achieve great results.

Building your intuition.

–        The capability to understand others beyond the obvious.

–        The ability to think laterally, and use different frameworks to get to the truth that underlies events.

–        The ability to use your full awareness including intellect, emotional intelligence.

Who is this workshop for ?

This course is for you if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are looking for advanced leadership skills.
  • You are working with others in any group, team or family context
  • You want to get the best out of people who are very different from each other.
  • You want to create a coaching culture in your workplace.
  • You are leading and managing others and are looking for alternatives to command and control.
  • You are attempting to build a cohesive and effective team.
  • You are interested in advanced personal growth.

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