Communication & Relationships

“Know thyself”  Aristotle

The ability to connect naturally with people – to have better relationships with others and with yourself – is a key attribute shared by all successful leaders. This workshop gives you the toolkit to be able to do that.

After this workshop you’ll know yourself better, you’ll understand more clearly what makes others tick, and you’ll be considerably more confident in all situations that rely on good communication.

A lot of things will fall into place:

  • You will read people’s hidden messages and understand where they are coming from.
  • You will build connections with people with ease.
  • Your relationships will improve significantly at work and outside.
  • You will trust and value others more.
  • ‘Difficult people’ will largely become a problem of the past.
  • You will learn how to influence others elegantly.
  • You will motivate and get the best out of people and manage upwards more successfully.
  • You will make better decisions
  • You will find that people work together better and therefore achieve better results.
  • You will create a great impression in interviews.
  • You will know how to connect with an audience, including the ability to give convincing client presentations.
  • You will enhance your negotiating skills, leading to increased sales and contracts.
  • You will feel great about yourself and life will get more enjoyable.

The Communication and Influence workshop includes

Understanding yourself and others

–        Awareness of your own behaviour and motivation.

–        The ability to judge other people’s mood and attitude from the myriad of small unconscious signals presented to you.

–        The ability to look behind presenting characteristics and understand what is really going on with other people.

Effective communication 

–        The ability to deal with difference and create greater understanding. 

–        The ability to ask questions that get to the truth without breaking rapport. 

–        The skills to communicate clearly and be understood.

–        The ability to enrich your understanding of situations by taking different points of view.

Building and nurturing rapport

–        The ability to pace other people’s experience by tuning in to their way of thinking.

–        The ability to network easily with people on various levels.

–        The ability to connect with other people and then lead them to more positive and creative frames of mind.

Creating positive results.

–        The ability to form and work towards positive outcomes having the end in mind.

–        An understanding of your purpose

–        The ability to build motivation in yourself and others.

–        The ability to look at problems and situations systemically, leading to longer lasting positive results.

Who is this workshop for ?

This course is for you if any of the following apply to you:

  • People may think you are confident but you don’t find communication comes very naturally or you sometimes feel insecure in your dealings with people.
  • You find that people are sometimes difficult, or you have one person that you struggle to relate to.
  • You are curious to understand other people better and improve your personal effectiveness.
  • You are moving into a position of greater responsibility and know you have more to learn about leading others.
  • You would like to move to a more coaching style of leadership and connection with others.

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