Leadership & Influence

“Be the change that you want to see in the world” – Gandhi

We are all leaders at different times, when we walk our talk and influence others.  How you are as a leader is just as important as what you do. A large part of your influence is connected to your sense of presence and whether others see the leader in you. This course will make a significant difference to your ability to lead and influence with integrity.

It will contribute significantly to your inner and outer confidence. You will know how to make and impact and raise your profile. You’ll feel more comfortable in your skin and be more present in the moment and able to manage your state. You will be able to negotiate and network more successfully and sell yourself and what you have to offer more effectively. You will understand more about systems thinking.

When you believe in yourself and know how to lead yourself with confidence, other people are motivated by your very presence, and leading, managing, team-working and negotiating all become much more natural and effortless.

What will you learn?

  • You will discover that inner confidence, often called ‘presence’ or ‘charisma’.
  • You will come across all of a piece. People trust and respect you.
  • People will see your leadership qualities, and you will have greater positive influence on people.
  • You will learn how to manage your own state and motivate yourself.
  • You will get less stressed and create a good creative working atmosphere around you.
  • People will be inspired to follow your lead. You will foster a great sense of good will and motivation.
  • Client presentations will become more focused and successful. You will find that selling your services becomes easier.
  • You will understand yourself better: you will ‘make more sense’.
  • You will align your personal values so that you act with authority and integrity.
  • You will develop a surer instinct for people.
  • You will have a stronger belief in your own possibilities and become more proactive and influential.

The Leadership and Influence workshop includes:

State Management.

–        How your state can transform the way you experience and interact with others. 

–        The ability to control your state of mind and perform your best in challenging situations.

–        The ability to maintain a ‘can-do’ attitude and respond to situations in the most appropriate manner.

–        The ability to use requisite flexibility to act with self confidence in every situation.

Systems thinking

–        How to use feedback to improve what you do

–        How to deal with change and plan operations systemically.

–        The ability to use different time perspectives and points of view to build an accurate picture of change.

–        The ability to use different frames of reference to achieve change.

–        The ability to be a positive influence on organisational and team culture and morale. 

Embodying leadership on all levels

–          A clear mental grasp of possibilities

–          The ability to connect with people

–          A strong sense of overarching purpose and belief.

–          The ability to come across powerfully and authentically to others.

–          The ability to change habits and influence a culture.


–        How to motivate and inspire others, and exert influence without having to exert power or authority.

–        The ability to use influence with integrity, to make useful connections, win work contracts and build your business successfully.

Who is this workshop for ?

This course is for you if any of the following apply to you:

  • You want to be more influential.
  • You want to grow as a potential or actual leader.
  • You want to achieve successful change.
  • You are in transition or want a stronger sense of direction.
  • You want to raise your profile.
  • You want to improve your success rate in client presentations and tenders.
  • You want to know how to negotiate successfully.

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