NLP Guide

A Guide to Choosing an NLP Practitioner Course

Revised and updated by Judy Apps 2009

Taking your first steps into the world of NLP. Which way to go?

This unbiased Guide comes highly recommended and endorsed by the ANLP – the British Association of NLP – and some of the foremost NLP trainers. It’s available to download either from the ANLP website or you can request it here. It guides you safely through the minefield of unregulated NLP training and gives you a sound idea of what to look for when choosing a course. Apply these principles to your search for any NLP training programme and you won’t go far wrong!

Some endorsements

What a great service to the field.
Judith Delozier, NLP Pioneer and Author,

NLP is not about what we do but HOW we do it. It is a process of modelling excellence and the biggest challenge is to live the principles that seem so very obvious on paper. And so trainings in NLP are not so much about what is covered which  can vary enormously but HOW they are conducted and this guide is a pointer to just that – the criteria by which we can evaluate which training might suit us best.  This is the most comprehensive guide to the criteria that truly make the difference that I have ever seen. I recommend it.
Sue Knight,  Author of NLP at Work,

Let me add my name to the list of people to be really impressed by the extremely comprehensive guide you have produced!!
Karen Moxom, ANLP & Rapport Magazine,

We really, really like your guide to NLP.  It’s the sort of thing our members would really enjoy.
Toby McCartney, British Board of NLP,

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