How to Speak with More Authority

6 key skills for coming across more effectively

Do you find that you don’t create the impact that you would like to when you speak? Does your voice feel weak or strained, or sound too high ?

For many of us, the moment we open our mouths to speak in public, our voice no longer seems to function normally, and we feel self-conscious or struggle to be heard.

You can learn in 6 easy steps how to remedy this and communicate with confidence and authority. And it really is easy – you just need to know what to do.

Won’t it be good to know that next time you make an important speech, you are in control of your voice and can come across with assurance and confidence?

Judy Apps has unpicked the essential pieces of coming across with authority, and shares these with you in this powerful e-course.

Take the next step NOW to becoming the speaker you would like to be!

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