10 Secrets for Overcoming Performance Anxiety

10 Secrets for Overcoming Performance Anxiety E-Course

– how to perform brilliantly when the pressure is on…

Do you sometimes feel daunted when you have to get up and speak?


Well you certainly not alone! Surveys in the US and the UK reveal that public speaking is the number one most feared activity for people – in one survey by the Sunday Times ‘Death’ ranked 4th in comparison!

Yet it’s a skill needed in so many contexts – not only the formal presentation, conference address or wedding speech.  You need to be able to communicate under pressure for meetings, interviews, key conversations, even ‘having it out’ with a colleague.  No wonder the effort, anxiety and sleepless nights!

What would it be like to know that it is possible for you to be an accomplished speaker?

You will learn step by step how to stand up and feel confident and in control. Judy has for many years studied the secrets of the best performers and offers you some of the key skills for presenting with ease.

You will receive 2 secrets a day over the next 5 days. Practical, useful and illustrated with real examples of what to do.

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