Useful Voice Links

Voice Care Network
Useful information on voice care.

Singing Teachers Worldwide Community
Information and resources for Singing Teachers, Vocal Coaches and Singers.

Natural Voice
Voice coaches for speaking and singing

Voice and Speech Trainers Association
Association of trainers

British Voice Association
A list of Voice Clinics in the UK and a collection of articles on voice

The Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice
A list of speech therapists grouped under areas in the UK

The Voice Foundation
Good voice information with useful section on how to tackle voice problems.


International Coaching Federation
International professional association for personal and business coaches with over 7500 members.

Coach U – Training World Class Coaches
Comprehensive web site for coach training and resources.

Association for Coaching
Honorary board includes Sir John Whitmore.


Magazine of the Association of NLP.


The Association of NLP with a range of resources

NLP Conference
Annual independent NLP conference based in London, team led by Jo Hogg. Site also has a useful list of NLP events, trainers and other NLP resources

NLP University
The web site of Robert Dilts. Free access to the full NLP Encyclopedia.

Brian Van Der Horst
Information on Ken Wilbur etc.


Here is a sample of providers you may wish to consider, many of which are also a source of useful articles and information.

NLP training with NLP pioneers Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier in Santa Cruz California, the home of NLP.

Sue Knight
Business-focused NLP courses by the author of ‘NLP at Work’.

Judith Lowe and PPD Learning
One of the major London-based NLP trainers providers, led by Judith Lowe

Large and popular NLP Provider in London founded by Ian McDermott

The Clean Collection
NLP and Metaphor and Symbol and Clean Language etc.

NLP Institute of California
NLP and coach training with Tim and Kris Hallbom.

Shining Minds
Personal development retreats with yoga, meditation and NLP in natural surroundings.


Hypnotherapy Directory
A hypnotherapy support network, enabling those in distress to find a hypnotherapist close to them and appropriate for their needs. This is a free, confidential service.

Online directory listing registered therapists (counsellors, chiropractors, acupuncturists etc) all over the UK, plus information about various types of distress that complementary therapies can help, and more.



Gregory Bateson
Anthropologist, social scientist, cyberneticist, and one of the most important social scientists of the 20th Century

Milton Erikson
Psychiatrist, psychologist and extraordinary practitioner of medical hypnosis.

Feldenkrais in the UK
Inventor of the Feldenkrais mind-body method

Robert Dilts
Co-developer of NLP and Founder of NLP University California

Eckhart Tolle
German-born spiritual teacher and author of The Power of Now and other books.

Gabrielle Roth
Founder of the 5 Rhythms™ dance practice


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Books on Voice, Presentation & Communication

Voice of Influence by Judy Apps
“Should be on the reading list of anyone who wants to learn how to communicate more effectively and how to be more authentic and charismatic in putting across their messages.”
What it says – 25 practical and effective ways to get over performance anxiety, however daunted you feel now.
A comprehensive guide to the subject, excellent for finding just the help you need on every aspect of voice and speaking.
By learning the art of conversation, you will have a magic ingredient for wellbeing, success and happiness in many areas of your life.


Freeing the Natural Voice by Kirsten Linklater
Book for actors: thorough, well researched with excellent observations. Highly detailed and technical, but very human too

The Actor Speaks by Patsy Rodenburg
Book for actors. Contains some good information for speakers in general.

My Lessons With Kumi by Michael Colgrass
Highly recommended book in story style, using NLP techniques plus Michael Colgrass’s experience as professional musician and actor.

Presenting Magically by David Shephard and Tad James
Some of the well-known NLP techniques for helping your public speaking.

Going Public by Hal Milton
Many helpful approaches for increasing confidence and authenticity

The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking by Dale Carnegie
Still a classic for public speaking and very good on practical aspects such as handling introductions, different speaking occasions and so on.

Effective Presentation Skills by Robert B. Dilts

I Have a Voice: How to Stop Stuttering by Bob G. Bodenhamer

Books on Coaching

From Coach to Awakener by Robert B.Dilts

Coaching with NLP: How to Be a Master Coach by Joseph O’Connor and Andrea Lages

The NLP Coach by Ian McDermott and Wendy Jago

The Coaching Bible by Ian McDermott and Wendy Jago

Coaching Conversations by Michael Hall, Michelle Duval, and Robert Dilts

Coaching For Performance by Sir John Whitmore

Co-active Coaching by Laura Whitworth et al

The Inner Game of Tennis by Tim Gallwey

The Inner Game of Work by Tim Gallwey

The Reflecting Glass by Lucy West and Mike Milan

Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others by James Flaherty

Tao of Coaching by Max Landsberg

Books on NLP

Using Your Brain: For a Change by Richard Bandler, Steve and Connirae Andreas

Trance-formations by John Grinder, Richard Bandler, and Connirae Andreas

Resolve by Richard Bolstad

The Sourcebook of Magic by L.Michael Hall and Barbara P. Belnap

The User’s Manual for the Brain by Michael Hall and Bob Bodenhamer

Understanding NLP by Peter Young

Heart of the Mind by Steve Andreas and Connirae Andreas

NLP Business Masterclass by David Molden

Brilliant NLP by David Molden and Pat Hutchinson

I Hear What You Say, But What Are You Telling Me? by Barbara G. Madonik

Influencing With Integrity by Genie Z. Laborde, PhD

Compassionate Coaching by Arielle Essex

Expanding Your World by David Gordon and Graham Dawes

Change Your Mind and Keep the Change by Steve and Connirae Andreas

Frogs into Princes by Richard Bandler and John Grinder

Books by Judith DeLozier

Turtles All the Way Down by John Grinder and Judith DeLozier

Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson by Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Judith DeLozier

The Encyclopedia of Systemic NLP & NLP New Coding by Robert Dilts & Judith Delozier

Books by Robert Dilts

Tools of the Spirit: Pathways to the Realisation of Universal Innocence by Robert Dilts and Robert McDonald

Modeling with NLP by Robert Dilts

Changing Belief Systems with Neuro-Linguistic Programming [NLP] by Robert Dilts

Visionary Leadership Skills: Skills and Tools for Creative Leadership by Roberts Dilts

Alpha Leadership: Tools for Business Leaders Who Want More from Life by Anne Deering, Robert Dilts, and Julian Russell

Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Wellbeing by Robert B. Dilts, Tim Hallbom, and Suzi Smith

The Encyclopedia of Systemic Nlp & Nlp New Coding by Robert Dilts & Judith Delozier

Books by Virginia Satir

New Peoplemaking by Virginia Satir

Self Esteem by Virginia Satir, Claudia Ricketts, and David Mitchell

Meditations & Inspirations by Virginia Satir

Self-therapy: A Guide to Becoming Your Own Therapist by Virginia Satir and Janette Rainwater

Books by John Grinder

The Structure of Magic by Richard Bandler & John Grinder

Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erikson by Richard Bandler, John Grinder

Frogs into Princes by Richard Bandler, John Grinder

Trance-Formations by Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Connirae Andreas (Editor)

Turtles All the Way Down by John Grinder & Judith DeLozier

Books by Joseph O’Connor

Introducing NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming by Joseph O’Connor and John Seymour

An Introduction to NLP by Joseph O’Connor and Ian McDermott

NLP Workbook by Joseph O’Connor

Practical NLP for Managers by Ian McDermott and Joseph O’Connor

Leading with NLP by Joseph O’Connor

NLP and Health by Joseph O’Connor and Ian McDermott

Books by and about Milton Erikson

My Voice Will Go with You by Milton H Erickson and Sidney Rosen

Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson by John Grinder and Richard Bandler

Uncommon Therapy by J Haley

Hope and Resiliency by Dan Short, Betty Alice Erickson, and Roxanna Erickson Klein

The Legacy of Milton H. Erickson by Stephen G. Gilligan

The Wisdom of Milton H. Erickson by Ronald A. Havens


Wishcraft by Barbara Sher and Annie Gottlieb

Words That Change Minds by Shelle Rose Charvet

The Courage to Love by S Gilligan

Loving What Is by Byron Katie and Stephen Mitchell

Flow by Csikszentmi