Judy is a real professional! She guides you thorough a series of challenges and makes the whole process of speaking in front of an audience manageable and even enjoyable. I learned so much about myself and about presenting on stage. At the end of the workshop I felt empowered and happy that when I am next asked to speak on TV or on stage I will do it with confidence and presence! What a great experience – thoroughly recommended! Elizabeth O’Shea, Positive Parenting Specialist

“If you are serious about learning to become a leader in whatever field… don’t waste your money and time on other courses… this is probably the best you’ll discover.” Ronnie Steele

I had done several presentation techniques and train the trainer type courses in the past.  Nothing had ever helped me “get my head straight” or given me any techniques to manage my nerves or voice.  In just two days on Voice of Influence, I have overcome my performance anxiety, can manage my voice and am actually looking forward to my next opportunity to present formally!  Judy is an outstanding trainer and I recommend Voice of Influence wholeheartedly to anyone with performance nerves. Sarah Kirkpatrick, Executive and Career Transitions Coach

I finally got over what seemed to be an insurmountable hurdle.  I really seemed to be able to challenge the nervousness into something else other than panic and feel much more in control. I’m actually looking forward to getting the chance to present again to improve more.  Worth every penny! I love the fact that the course contains lots of individual elements that build on each other. Tackling each individual point gave me the confidence to put it all together in the end. Everyone who has ever worried about speaking in public should do this course!  I will be recommending this course to my colleagues, my boss and HR. Claire Kelly, Commercial Manager, GE Power & Water, Austria

Surpisingly brilliant. I don’t like self expression but you weeded it out of me without me noticing J I was amazed at what I’d actually learnt as it crept up on me. Elaine Warley, Project Manager, Mott MacDonald

Judy, great success on Saturday, all down to you. Learnt a lot about myself in our sessions. Can’t thank you enough.  Maurice

“I can’t recommend Judy highly enough. She is skilful and extremely experienced. Spend two days on this course and you will have great fun as well as a tremendous learning experience.”  Jackie Potter, Chief Executive, Manchester City South Partnership

 “Judy is the genuine article. Teacher, mentor, coach, sponsor.
She knows her stuff at the deepest level and allows you to explore and expand your own great strengths with great humour, fun and endless encouragement.
One of life’s great ambassadors.” Davo Ruthven-Stuart, Founder Recruit Technologies

“Excellent, really good pace and covered a lot of ground. I’d like to say how much fun and inclusive it was.” Cynthia De Souza

“When one is old, reflective, and looks back on the life they have lived, they will remember good points, bad points and defining moments. This may well be one of my defining moments.” Duncan Norris, Director Of Strategic Alliance, The Working Manager Ltd.

“The content of the workshop and the trainer were both brilliant. The content was interesting and hugely relevant, and you deliver in a caring, commanding and heartfelt way – fantastically demonstrating every aspect of your tuition and really walking the talk.” Karen Moxom, Chief Executive, Association of NLP

“Superb. Excellent exercises. Trainer was open, natural, authentic – someone to model. Safe and encouraging environment. Judy is a terrific role model – walks the talk. Structure was excellent. Perfect balance between talk and exercises. I have been nurtured and replenished!” Elizabeth Kuhnke, Director, Kuhnke Communication.

“Judy – you create a space that is both safe and challenging. Well considered and useful content. An inspiring way to conquer the public speaking hang-ups.” Judith Street

“Made the book come alive!” Nicholas Ruscombe-King

“I feel that I have achieved a lot, in terms of pushing outside my comfort zone, finding new ways of being, just the process of standing in front of people and surviving! The content was varied, looking at many different ideas and techniques – a good mix of practical external work and inner change. As a trainer, you are inspirational and very skilled. What would I tell others about the workshop? – just do it!” Debbie Marshall

“Judy, I’d like to warmly thank you for not only teaching me about public speaking, but also so much about myself. Your workshop was dynamic, lighthearted and remarkably effective. I would (and will) highly recommend it to everyone I know.” Sigal Sabag, D.Hyp PDCBHyp PDCHyp Open Minds Hypnotherapy

“The time flew by: the course was varied, really useful and fun. I came to understand a lot about myself and how I can make much better use of my voice to make an impression. And I am enjoying listening to, and (I think) appreciating where others are ‘coming from’.” Phil Hards, Management Consultant, Trainer and Coach.

“I found my voice! Really great mix of talking and practice. I felt that a great deal of thought had gone into timing and choosing exercises to make people feel comfortable and help them interact with others in the group. Learned some great tools for dealing with nerves and thinking on my feet. I believe now that I can manage nerves and make that energy work for me. Really excellent. I felt like this course allowed me to look at me, rather than the technical side of making presentations. I can apply so much of this to all areas of my life. Thank you!” Juliet Wattebot O’Brian, Conflict Advisor, Dept. for International Development

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. It was so enlightening and I came away buzzing because suddenly I understood the importance of my voice and the link to self confidence. Would thoroughly recommend this course. It’s life changing.”  Pamela Gardner, Asst. Dir of Housing, East Thames Housing Group

“I know from giving pressurised presentations in Dublin the other week in support of two multi-million £ proposals that the differences I feel and the improvements I perceive are real. …. I enjoyed our sessions immensely.”   Technical Director, International Environmental Company

“I feel that I gained an incredible amount of confidence in the power of my own speech and feel less afraid of communicating with anyone. Also feel empowered to deliver seminars/speeches. Very well constructed and progressive method of coaching, easing us into skills we never knew we had. Judy was fantastic and compelling, a truly skilled orator.” Zak Morris, Retail Manager

“Your course was pure inspiration and I could see how you have planted very positive changes in people’s minds. You seem to have this wonderful ability to tune to everybody’s personal needs and I am sure each person on the course felt like it was designed just for them. It was truly wonderful to see it happening.” Alex Smolonska

“Excellent. Well structured, well presented, well facilitated. Some great practical advice and experience. Very powerful – inspiring and motivating. Judy – loved you!!” Chief Inspector, Metropolitan Police Service

“I learned more about the voice from Judy in 2 days than in the last 8 years from countless sources.” Jenny C, Director, Member of Toastmasters, London

“I would consider myself an experienced speaker, but I was really interested in Judy’s ‘Voice of Influence’ course particularly from the perspective of connecting with the audience and evoking an emotional response. Well I certainly discovered what I was looking for. Judy’s teachings on voice resonance, state of mind and expressiveness have allowed me to add a new dimension to my verbal communication.” Paul Ovington, President Oxford Speakers’ Club.

“I’ve not been in a better environment! Judy has a remarkable capability to offer the support one needs to change, the challenge one needs for personal direction and the focus and the expertise to add terrific value. I hoped this experience was transformational. My hopes have been far exceeded. A great and uplifting two days for me!” Dominic Macdonald, Management Consultant

“Your ease and confidence is fantastic and creates a really great environment for the class. I feel more confident and think the class has changed my beliefs about presenting which will come across.” Heidi Cornelius

“Judy gave us so much insight into audience connection, pace, breathing, voice utilisation, presence, controlling state- my first big event since the training was an incredible experience. I was able to be more with the audience, field questions by matching in with the individuals, and maintain confidence and easy, relaxed posture—–I was able to be me!”

“I feel that the most important thing that I took away from your course was to enjoy being myself and to let that show through. You helped me connect to that – a really useful experience.” AB, Project Manager, Mind

“Excellent, very different from anything I’ve done before. Made me really think about what I say and how I say it and the impact on audience. Fantastic course – more senior managers should have access to it!” Detective Inspector, Metropolitan Police Service

“I felt inspired on returning to workplace. Presentations at short notice are now not a problem, I am able to think and present on my feet. I have belief in oneself that I have the ability to do it!”  Suzanne Wixey – Service Manager, Plymouth County Council

“Judy is an inspiring teacher who really knows how to bring out the best in people and create a positive group dynamic.  The course was well organised and very professionally run, but also great fun.”  Celia Morris

“It was everything I had wanted and more both for me personally and for the team. People have  really felt very energised and positively affected by the training, often in ways that are not so easy to describe.” Secretary General, NGO Lobby to the European Parliament

“A beautifully balanced course, moving easily in logical steps to form a cohesive whole.” Lecturer, Trinity College of Music

“Your course was extremely well received and very successful.”
Training Manager, Tetrapak Sweden

“Very refreshing perspective, which I believe will provide long term sustained benefits, rather than the normal ‘quick-fix’ approach to presentations.” Senior Project Manager, Black & Veatch Consultants

“A very powerful day and made me realise how important our speaking manner is when we communicate.  Actually knowing the effect of ‘fear’ on how the muscles in the neck tighten has been really useful as now I can focus on relaxing those and feeling and hearing the difference.You were in the flow and very natural and you came across as a very dynamic leader.” Anne Smith – Executive Coach

” I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to any (or all) our personnel to improve both presentation and voice delivery skills.” Technical Director, International Environmental Engineering Company