Coaching Testimonials

I really like your style. I find you a very intelligent coach. You have a really great sensitivity in how you respond, and you read the situation very well. It’s big C coaching. You are a wonderful, sensitive and intelligent coach… superb calibration to my agenda, pace and thinking / reflective process…. Very inspirational! Thank you. Anita Ferrari, Change Management Consultant & Coach at Coaching FrameWorks Ltd.



Following your coaching I have succeeded in getting promoted ! This was very much as a result of learning such a lot from our sessions, so thank you. A.B. Chief Superintendent of Police


I thought you would like to know that I was successful at giving my presentation and was accepted for the work.  Had great feedback afterwards – it was critiqued by three people and the manager actually asked the other reviewers if they had helped me prep beforehand and given me information (which they hadn’t) because ‘it was such a good fit and it was like you had been sitting in on our conversations’.  V.C. Leadership Coach


I have been working with you now for three months and have feel so grateful for your gentleness during the process. I have found the coaching phenomenal and have moved on so quickly with difficulties that I had. It was also wonderful how you gave me the space to feel emotions and sensed so well when I needed support. Judy  you are  a gifted coach and were able to challenge me and stayed really present during our time of working together. I have been blessed to work with you. Sandra Crathern, Personal and Business Life Coach at Innavision


I may have said it already but I want to say again, thank you for being an excellent coach.  You were, and still are, a big influence on me. Keep up the good work.   You are touching lives.  P.G. Director of Social and Economic Regeneration, East Thames


Your coaching really helped me!  It helped me have the confidence to resign, which I did, I became freelance, working for a few different companies for 6 months.  I then started working at Channel 4 on a freelance basis, then got offered a job, and 4 years later I am still here, and really love it!  I am also much better able to analyse what I love about work and what I don’t, so I can make better choices.  So thank you very much. Liz Arnott, Producer, Creative Services, Channel 4